Opera Touch: The New And Fast Browser From Opera That Allows You Browse With One Hand

When it comes to fast browsing technology, the name Opera is now a household name almost synonymous to browser, and one cannot take the fact away from Opera as maker of one of the fastest light weight browsers out there.

It was earlier in the news that Opera ended its long known Opera Max data saving app and also Opera has been reportedly going to close down its Opera VPN services. But as Opera shuts down those services so are the launching new ones.

And the latest is the Opera Touch, another lightweight and fast browser from Opera that this time allows users to surf on the go and makes browsing with one hand easy and fun.

According to report from Opera, that an in-house survey carried out showed that 86% of mobile users likes browsing with only one hand and probably we can say that this is one of the reasons behind the development of Opera touch to achieve that goal.

Opera Touch browser is very unique on its own with several new features incorporated to enhance your browsing experience.

Once you start up Opera Touch, the browser is instantly ready to find something on the web and all you need to do is just to start typing or alternatively you can use the voice search feature.

With the fast action button always available on the lower part of the screen, it gives you direct access to instant search.

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Opera Touch is built for easy synchronization with your Opera computer browser and what it takes to achieve this is to scan a QR code on the Opera computer browser with the Opera Touch and viola you are done.

With end-to-end encrypted data inflow and outflow offered by Opera Touch, you are rest assured that security is its topmost feature and with a cryptojacking protection technology, this feature reduces the risk of your device getting overheated or running out of battery while surfing.

Ad blocking feature is still intact in the new Opera Touch browser that enables you block annoying web ads while allowing you to browse at the speed of light.

Opera Touch browser is available for download but it is not compatible with older versions of android and you can download Opera Touch on Google Playstore specially.

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