How To Vote For Your Favourite Housemates In Big Brother Nigeria Season 3 To Win The Prize

The season 3 of the Big brother Nigeria reality TV show, which started about 9 weeks ago is gradually coming to an end and it has come with it lots of entertainment all through and viewers across the globe especially those in the African continent have all been catching the in the groove and have not only been watching the show but also participating in keeping their favourites housemates to remain in the house with their numerous supports via voting.

At this point in the show, the competition amongst housemates are heated up and fans of each housemates are fighting tooth and nail to make sure that their favourite housemates remain in the house and probably win the cash prize at the grand finale coming up in less than 3 weeks’ time.

As you might have known, there were 20 housemates that started the race, but the numbers have been cut down and will continue to reduce as result of weekly evictions that normally takes place every Sunday night while the remaining housemates are still continuing in the race as result of their fans been able to keep them in the house with their votes.

We are in almost like quarter final in the game and voting by fans of the housemates have continued to intensify as they rally round to make sure they keep their favourite housemates intact in the entire rat race.

But we have come to understand that many of the fans of the show out there really want to participate in the game of voting and keeping their favourite housemates but it is quite unfortunate that they don’t really know how to go about the voting process.

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In that vein, we are here to rescue and to simplify the steps involved in voting to safe your favourite housemates in the on-going season 3 edition of Big Brother Nigeria.

And for those of you that still don’t know how to vote to keep your favourite housemate(s) in the show, here are the compete and simplified steps to vote for them and save them from possible evictions;

In this season of the show, there are only 2 methods of voting for your favourite housemates to remain in the house and the first method involves visiting the Africamagic Big Brother Nigeria vote section and secondly is to vote via SMS.

For the first method, which involves voting via the Africamagic Big Brother Nigeria vote section, follow the simplified steps below to vote;

  Visit the Africamagic Big Brother Nigeria vote  section of the site

Click on Register link 

  In the next page, enter your phone number, choose a password, check the security box and  click  on continue tab

  A code will be sent to your phone, which you should put in the next page to verify your mobile number and then click on the Verify tab to precede.

  Click on the Vote now tab and select the image of the housemate you want to vote for

  At this point, you have up to 100 votes that you can give by tapping continuously on the vote tab under the housemate you are voting for. 

  You can decide to share the votes by clicking on the All contestants link and tapping on the other housemate image that you want to vote and then continue to click on the vote tab as the 100 votes counts down, and you will be notified when you exhaust the 100 votes.

The second method of voting is via SMS and you can vote with this method simply by texting the keyword VOTE followed with a space and then the name of your favourite housemates name to 32052.

Finally, voting always starts immediately after the Monday nomination show by 17:30 GMT or 18:30 WAT and closes by 20:00 GMT (21:00 WAT) Thursday night and both the site and SMS voting are limited to 100 votes per phone number.

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