How To Stop/Prevent Windows 10 Home Edition Aggressive And Automatic Updates

Since the inception of Windows 10, one of the features that many folks out are not very pleased with, especially those with limited data is the aggressive and automatic updates that is associated with Windows 10.

There is no gainsaying that Windows 10 Home Edition aggressive and automatic update feature has frustrated many users with limited data connection and have even ended up forcing them to downgrade to other lower versions of Window after all attempt to disable Windows 10 automatic updates proved abortive. 

Routine updates in Windows application is a good thing and it helps to keep your system safe in many ways, but because of the bad habit of not updating the previous versions of Windows application routinely, being exhibited by many Windows users, we believed that Microsoft decided to help out all Windows users by introducing the automatic updates in the Windows 10 in order to keep users safer at all time.

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Therefore, if you use any of the editions of Windows 10, you will agree with use that Windows 10 is an aggressive data gulping monster when it comes to automatic updates.

Now, why are we particular about the Windows 10 Home Edition in the topic of the day?

Yes, the first reason is that it is most likely that if you are currently running Windows 10, it is the Home Edition that is installed on your system and this is because statistics shows that fare more people are running Windows 10 Home Edition than any other Editions of Windows 10.

Secondly is that other edition of Windows 10 like the Windows 10 Enterprise and Education version simply allow one stop Windows 10 aggressive automatic updates through available group registry, whereas Windows 10 Home edition doesn’t allow for such.

To quickly check the version of Windows 10 that you are running on your current system, you can easily do so by going through your Start Menu>>Settings>>System>>About

At this point, there is only one sure-fire way of halting the aggressive Windows 10 Home Edition automatic update in order to save data and allow you work faster on your system; knowing this will surely please you.

Aside from the sure-fire way that we are going to be discussing, there is another way of disabling Windows 10 Home Edition automatic updates, and this method involves disabling Windows 10 automatic updates entirely from the system service settings. 

But why we are not going to be concentrating on this method is because it is not a permanent fix and using this method is only temporal and the moment you shut down your system after disabling automatic updates via this method, the system automatically reverse the settings and enables automatic update again whenever you switch on your PC.

The only and sure-fire way of disabling Windows 10 Home Edition automatic update is by connecting your system through a WiFi network and then setting it as metered connection.

By so doing, it retains the metered connection settings whenever you connect on the same 
WiFi network next time and Windows 10 will not allow your system to update automatically when you are on such metered WiFi connection.

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To set up a metered WiFi network connection on your Windows 10 Home Edition system, follow the simple steps below;

  Connect your Windows 10 system to any available WiFi network

  Go to your PC settings through the Start Menu>>Settings

  Select Network & internet option

  On the WiFi option, select the  Advanced Options 

  Come down to Metered Connection and switch on the set as metered connection button

Congratulations! You have just succeeded in preventing your Windows 10 Home Edition from automatically updating your system when connected to a WiFi network and you can now save data and work faster on your Windows 10 Home Edition system.

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  1. Thank you for this post. Can you believe that Windows wiped out all the files on my system because I refused to do the update? I restarted my system and lo and behold all my files had gone and my hard disk was empty, as I am now I am still lamenting. I shall implement this immediately to prevent this rubbish from happening again.


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