Glo Internet Connectivity Is Now Super-Fast Because Of This

Just like we rightly said the other time, you might have noticed that Glo internet connectivity is now super-fast again in many location and many Glo customers are now enjoying the new fast Glo data connectivity.

If you are looking for reason behind the new fast connectivity being experienced by many Glo customers in this month of March, the reason we must tell you is not far-fetched. 

Remember that we put up an article about Glo recent slash in data volume being a blessing in disguise and that is what exactly is coming into play.

Recall that Glo recently slashed their monthly data bundle volume and the high Glo data was the thing that initially made people still sticking with the Glo network and with the high data volume offered, Glo network became highly congested and internet connectivity got very slow in many locations, reason why people constantly complained about Glo network sluggishness.

But after the recent slash in data volume, many Glo customer now saw reasons to port to other networks in search of better connectivity speed and by so doing, they unknowingly decongested the Glo network and those remaining with the network got back their internet connectivity speed groove back.

If you are on the Glo network, you might have also noticed increase internet connectivity speed being witnessed across the country this month, and we are hoping that this groove is maintained for long.

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  1. Wow I just love glo although they had connectivity issues


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