Tecno Camon CM VS Tecno Camon CX Air

Few days ago, Tecno launched its first device of 2018, which turned out to be the Tecno Camon CM and direct successor to the Tecno Camon CX and Tecno Camon CX Air.

After going through the specifications of the newly launched Tecno Camon CM, it clearly shows that the new device did not follow actually follow the footstep of Tecno Camon CX against expectations, but rather has almost similar specifications with last year’s Tecno Camon CX Air and thus both devices perfectly fit for good comparison.

Though, the major notable difference between the new Tecno Camon CM and Tecno Camon CX Air can be seen in the bigger and full display of the Tecno Camon CM, which stood at 5.7inches and with 18:9 display aspect ratios against Tecno Camon CX Air with 5.5inches display.

However, aside their striking specs similarities; there are other tiny notable differences that can be spotted out from both devices.

Taking a close look at the specs comparison table below, one can clearly spot the complete difference between Tecno Camon CM and Tecno Camon CX

Tecno Camon CM is currently and exclusively available here at 3CHUB for $130 (47,000), while the Tecno Camon CX Air is currently selling in many phone outlets for $123(44,000).

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