After Long Wait, TSTV Decoder To Be Available In The New Year?

In the final quarter of 2017, it came like waves and raging storm sweeping across all nook and cranny of the country and it was the news that a new Pay TV provider is launching to at least compete and challenge with what many regard as monopolistic DSTV.

The new pay TV provider that was launched is an indigenous company that goes by the moniker TSTV, and the coming of TSTV was greeted and welcomed with so much cheers and excitement.

With so much promises and wonderful packages lined up to be unleashed as standard pay TV providers, TSTV were able to capture the minds of the masses who were eagerly and patiently waiting for its arrival even before and at launch time.

The rage of the storm even grew wilder when people learnt that TSTV was also planning to include near-free internet service as an addendum to the pay TV service that they were to offer to the people.

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With all the exhilarations at the coming of TSTV late last year, after TSTV finally launched, like a movie scene, the wildly greeted jubilations quickly started fading into the thin air and all those who waited to patronize TSTV have searched everywhere to obtain TSTV decoder but unfortunately, TSTV decoders are still nowhere to be found.

After the lunching, TSTV started with postponement of date on which their decoders will be available. Firstly, with last November being set aside as the new date for the commencement of sale of TSTV decoders, the month of November has come and gone and TSTV decoders were nowhere to be found.

Thereafter, TSTV commenced a free to air test of its channels that was slated to last for a full month before it will start distributing its decoders, and going by the 1 month testing, the month of December was to see out the testing and next month, which is January in the New 
Year, at least signs or sales of TSTV decoder should have commenced in earnest.

But as we write this, January is fast moving and no any news or signs on the next date or when TSTV will finally commence the distributions of its decoders. At this juncture and in all ramifications, at least we can assert that TSTV has succeeded in rendering many people disappointed and maybe as earlier suspected by some, that TSTV is heading for a fiasco.

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