TSTV To Go Fully Commercial On November 1st, Offers Free 5000 Decoder Next Week

At last TSTV the new Pay TV provider in the country is set to commence full operation starting November 1st next month and in addition to that promises to offer free 5000 decoder next week for test running.

It would be recall that since the launch of TSTV last week, Pay TV fans across the country have been demanding to hear from TSTV on the exact time TSVT decoder will be rolled out.

Taking the centre stage in TSTV head office during a conference meeting in Abuja earlier today, TSTV CEO Bright Echefu disclose the information, stating that full commercial sale of TSTV decoder will commence from first day of November next month and he further stated that there would be free 5000 decoders that would be made available starting next week for testing of the system.

He added that the reason behind the delay in the roll out of TSTV decoders is to allow for careful and complete accreditation of the numerous dealers that indicated interest and that the accreditation would be completed in the next two weeks.

Pertaining the news making the round on TSTV having some broadcast right issues with some broadcast stakeholders like Bein Sport and Turner Broadcasting System, TSTV CEO cleared the air on that, assuring awaiting consumers that TSTV met all the necessary requirements from those in charge and that TSTV will air Bein sport and CNN.
TSTV To Go Fully Commercial On November 1st, Offers Free 5000 Decoder Next Week TSTV To Go Fully Commercial On November 1st, Offers Free 5000 Decoder Next Week Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 8:40:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. as regards the tstv, plz do u have details on what super, sub and retailer mean for those who intend to be a dealer?

    1. Hi Uncletorino,

      Super dealer is the highest form of dealership category for intending TSTV dealer. It requires the intending dealers in that category to have a shop that would be branded with full TSTV logos, the dealer must own a registered business name and will be ready to take supply of 3000 TSTV decoders at the total sum of N12 million.

      Sub dealers will also be required to have a shop, a registered business name and ready to take supply of 1000 TSTV decoders for N4.4million.

      Finally, the retailer is the smallest category that does not necessarily require a shop and business name, all that is required is a confirmed e-mail and address, and the retailer will be ready to take at least 10 supply of TSTV decoder at the cost of N46000.

      So those are the differences. on TSTV To


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