MTN Reduces Monthly Data Bundle Allocation By Converting Some Fractions To Night Data Bonus

And MTN has done it again and we must put it this way that this is the type of news most MTN subscribers don’t like hearing concerning MTN monthly data bundle plans and we are sorry for breaking the news this way.

Starting from the 7th of this month, MTN would be placing unfavourable condition to its two monthly data plans i.e. the N1000 plan that offers subscribers 1.5GB data for the month and the N2000 data plan that offers 3.5GB.

And this is the new condition; starting from the said date and for the N1000 data plan, you would no longer get full 1.5GB data for anytime browsing within the month as 500MB from the 1.5GB would be converted to night data bonus usable only from the night hours of 1am to 7am thereby leaving you with only 1GB for anytime browsing.

Same thing goes with the N2000 data plan that offers subscribers 3.5GB data bundle, from that date they would start getting only 2.5GB data for anytime within the month browsing while 1GB of the data is being converted to night data bonus only usable from the hour of 1am to 7am.

And this new stringent condition would be applicable to both new subscribers and those who renew their data plans.

Finally, in other words this is more like a reduction in MTN monthly data plans where N1000 now goes for 1GB and N2000 now for 2.5GB 

MTN Reduces Monthly Data Bundle Allocation By Converting Some Fractions To Night Data Bonus MTN Reduces Monthly Data Bundle Allocation By Converting Some Fractions To Night Data Bonus Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 9:20:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. Mtn. Bye. Airtel,Glo,9naija, welcome

  2. mtchwewwww, if dey like they should reduce it to 500 mb after all I can use 599 to get 1gb wit clubkonnect

  3. Enter your comment...
    Nonsense, 1am to 7am ???
    when one is supposed to be praying or studying,they want you to be up and browsing ?
    This is demonic,already I have always said it that these south Africans don't have our best interest in heart,to hell with their new plans.

  4. Hmm..are we witches that we must do night browsing

  5. Enter your people re 419. another network is also having data plan bye-bye for mtn welcome glo or airtel network...

  6. Mtn don't want us to use their network anymore. While, that is there luck because they believe we Nigerian are fool. No? We are not. 9mobile, Glo and Airtel are there for us. MTN NONSENSE AND RUBBISH.

  7. Mtn is always known for there fraudulent character.. Even during the said night they will frustrate people with poor networks.. Anyway soon all will abandon them..

  8. Enter your comment...
    pls what's the code to subscribe with 9mobile data plan.. Mtn Odabo

  9. mtn has always been no good news.I advice those using it to abandon it and turn to glo.


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