Get 4X Worth of Airtime On Every Recharge Amount On Glo Network

And yes you heard us right as Glo is offering all existing and new subscribers the opportunity to get 4 times the amount of airtime value on every recharge they make on their Glo SIM both with paper recharge or E-top ups regardless of your current call tariff plan.

To enjoy this 4 times the fun of all your Glo recharges, all you need to do is other than recharging your Glo line with the normal *123*PIN you should be recharging instead with the code *323*PIN# when using a paper recharge card and then adding N50 to all your recharges when topping up via any E-channel.

For example to top up N100 to your glo line via any E-channel and also to enjoy the 4X airtime offer, all you need to do is to add N50 by topping up with N150 instead of N100, for N200 Naira E-top up you will recharge with N250 and so on for higher denomination top up.

After recharging with the code as described above or topping up via any E-channels as also described above, for the paper recharge, your 4X bonus account will automatically be credited with the recharge value and 300% bonus summing it up to 4X the value of your recharge, while for the top ups made via E-channels, the main recharge value will go to your main account balance while the 300% will go to the 4X bonus account.

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With paper recharge, all your 4X offer will be charged at a flat rate of 45K/S (N27/Min) for local calls to all networks, and 60K/S (N36/Min) to 30 international destinations and the validity period is based on the amount of recharge, as recharges of 100 to 200 have 14days validity period while any recharge more than N200 comes with a 30 day validity period.

Secondly for E-channel top up, call rate on the normal recharge value that goes to your main account balance is charged based on your normal current tariff plan rate and the 300% bonus in the 4X bonus account balance, call rates are charged at 65K/S (39/min) on both local and 30 international destinations and validity period is also based on 14days and 30days when you top up with within N250 or above.

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SMS rates on both methods of recharges on local destinations are charged at flat rate of N4m per SMS.

And yes anytime you recharge as described above even when you are yet to exhaust your current 4X bonus airtime, it will be accumulated with the required validity period added.

But note that with the paper recharge, you cannot use the 4X bonus airtime to subscribe for data but with E-top, you can only use the airtime on your main balance to subscribe for data if you so wish.

To check your 4X bonus account balance at any time, simply dial the code #122*30#
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