When Last Did You Use Your 3G Modem/Dongle For Surfing The Internet?

Some few years back, you can relate very well that if you own a desktop computer or a laptop without having the normal MTN, Airtel, Glo or Etisalat 3G modem for internet access, some will even start thinking that you cannot access the internet and that your online world is incomplete.

But today, ask those people where there 3G modem are located, and it will surprise you that many have left them in the dungeon.

Obviously, technology has taken a new dimension and the era of using 3G modem is quickly eroding away.

Not until we here even noticed that for the past 6 month, our MTN 3G modem have been lying somewhere in the cupboard accumulating dust and have not been put to use for  6 months running, but it has never prevented our daily access to internet with laptop.

Wifi hotspoting is quickly taking over and many folks now prefer the easier and faster way of using their phone Wifi hotspot for tethering their other Wifi enabled devices for internet access in spite of its phone battery draining tendency. 

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Some have resorted to the use of 4G Mifi, also through wireless tethering for their internet access and have completely forgotten their 3G modem in some corners of their room.

We are also quite sure that presently, the market demand for 3G modem is highly on the decrease, while some have succeeded in converting and making use of their 3G modem purely as a MicroSD card reader, since they do have memory card slots.

As the crave and widespread of 4G LTE technologies continues, it will no doubt in no time face away the use of 3G modems for internet access, and we are beginning to notice the trend already.

When last did you use your 3G modem for internet access?
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