MTN Secretly Stops Data Rollover

Prior to now, if you are on any MTN data plan subscription and you noticed that your validity period is about to expire, and meanwhile you still have plenty of unused data volume, what you normally do in order not lose the remaining data volume is to roll over the data by quickly renewing your subscription prior to the validity date of expiration of your current data subscription.

But throughout this period, the major GSM network providers have not been smiling as all you keep on hearing from them is one series of bad news to the other on every blessed day.

And yet again the bad news continues, as MTN at the beginning of this month has secretly stopped data rollover without prior notice.

Now, if you think that renewing your about to expire MTN data plan validity period with rollover your unused data, you are definitely in for a long thing as MTN will carefully separate your renewal and treat it as a separate subscription from your current subscription. 
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