How To Prevent Your Phone Battery From Swelling/Bulging Up

Swelling or bulging of phones batteries is one of the common encounters that you might have noticed around you or probably your phone’s battery is currently swollen and no longer fits to its compartment.

Some of you might have wondered or actually wanted to know the causes of swelling or bulging of phones batteries that you see around, in order to forestall it occurrence or prevent your phone battery from swelling.

If you are in such categories of people who truly want to know the causes of swollen phone batteries and how to prevent it, then read on.

Phone battery swelling or bulging is a buildup of gas in the cell which is caused by chemical reaction whereby there is an electrochemical oxidation of the electrolyte, which could be as result of abnormal heat intake that can be caused by faulty battery, faulty charging component in the phone or faulty charger.

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You phone battery can develop fault that could cause it to swell as result of poor battery usage culture by the individuals in question or it can simply be as result of fault from manufacturers.

Phone charging component might go bad and could also result in battery swelling and lastly, you might just be using a faulty charger that is causing your phone battery to swell or bulge at the middle.

Aside that, there are certain phone charging practices that you might be indulging in that could just be the trigger to your phone battery developing fault that will cause it to swell.

Without further ado, here are the 3 major practices you should always endeavour to adopt that will assist in preventing your phone batteries from swelling/bulging up 

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•  Always use the original phone charger or charger with the appropriate rating for your device to charge your phone. Some of you are fund of neglecting this, and when neglected, constant usage of inappropriate charger ratings for your device can make the battery faulty and cause it to swell.

For example using a 5V,2A charger rating to fire up a phone/battery that requires 5V 1.5A charger ratings.

•  Avoid overcharging of your phone battery – though leaving your phone plugged for long period of time after the battery is fully charged might not really show immediate damage to battery especially when using original charger for the device, but it is a good practice to unplug your phone once it is fully charged, as failure to do so can from time to time initiate or cause your phone battery to be overcharging especially when using an inappropriate rated charger as described above; as this action can lead to swollen battery.

•  Avoid using your mobile phone while charging – yes, using your mobile phone while charging can easily cause excess energy to build up in the battery, and thus can easily result to the battery swelling up with time.

Finally, if you notice that you have gotten yourself a swollen phone battery, the best thing to do for safety is to replace and properly discard the battery, for phone battery can easily be explosive at that point.
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