3 Best Mobile Banking Apps That Hardly Disappoint On Fund Transfer Transactions

Mobile banking technology in recent times has undoubtedly transformed the way we carry out banking transactions and has to great extent eased up the stress involved in going to banking halls to do banking transactions.

One of the common channels where banks across the country deliver their mobile banking services is through their mobile bank apps.

Though, mobile bank apps are designed and programmed in such a way as to avail bank customers carry out 24 hours uninterrupted banking transactions, but due to inefficiency in delivery of services by some banks, their mobile bank apps have from time to time failed to meet up customers demand and expectations, especially in terms of core function fund transfer transactions.

In that vein, we want to bring to you the 3 best mobile banking apps that hardly disappoints on fund transfer transactions.

The first in our list is Zenith bank mobile app commonly known as eazymoney; with Zenith Easymoney mobile app you should be rest assured that most of your mobile banking transactions are made swiftly without hitches in many occasions. Fund transfer with the app is always smooth and the app hardly experience downtime period unlike  the app for some other banks that it has become customary for their app to be in maintenance mode most of the time, thereby depriving customers banking transactions in many occasions especially at the point they needed it most.

Secondly is Access Bank mobile banking app – the Access Bank mobile app is another very effective mobile banking app that gives bank customers easy access and all round fund transfer transactions, with lesser hassle and app downtime. With the Access bank mobile app, you carry out your fund transfer transaction at ease and it is always quick at fund delivery to the destination account.

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The third is the First Bank Mobile app popularly known as the FirstMobile app – though many are yet to come to terms with the FirstMoblie banking app and might want to argue or wonder why we it is included amongst the 3rd best mobile banking app. But little wonder did they know that FirstMobile app is a true mark of excellence at delivering of mobile banking transactions. The FirstMobile app is an app that almost every time you call it up, you should be rest assured that your fund transfer transactions will be done smoothly without any hitches and that fund transfer with it are instant delivery. Again the app hardly experience downtime.

Finally, some of you might be expecting to see mobile banking apps like that of GTB and/or UBA in the list, but we are sorry to disappoint you as the duo mobile banking app of GTB and UBA have in recent time lost their glory. For these days with GTB mobile banking app, you should be ready to face unnecessary delays in fund delivery, while that of the UBA Umobile app is most times on maintenance mode. 
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