3 Powerful Earpieces/Earphones Types/Brands To Buy When going For Replacement

Quality, good sound producing and durable earpiece is one of the accompanying accessories in the packaging of new phones that many music lovers would want to relate with.

While there are good quality earpieces out there, there are some new phones that come with very poor quality earpieces and that produce wacky sounds.

Since earpiece is mostly in pair, one common problem often associated with the use of earpiece is the ease with which one of the earpiece pair (right or left) go bad, leaving you with only one functional piece.

Though aside from poor quality earpiece that can easily go bad on short time usage, the way you use it can also be a serious considerable factor on how durable that your earpiece can be…are you the type that always twist and fold up earpiece in your pocket?

Whatever the case may be or your situation in the use of earpiece, if you are seeking to buy a good quality earpiece or looking for high bass producing and/or durable replacement earpiece, we got you covered with these 3 suggestions of earpiece types you should go for.

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1.  Ofia Earpiece 

 when it comes to sound quality then you should not think twice in looking at the direction of Ofia earpieces. And because of the smooth, high bass and well organized sounds that Ofia earpiece produces, it can easily turn one into a music listening freak. Though it is difficult to tag a particular earpiece as the best of all, but for some, Ofia earpiece offers just the best of sound. In terms of durability, it sound quality supersedes it durability and the Ofia earpiece goes for about $2 to $4 (N700 – N1500) depending on the shop you are buying from.

2.  EP 10 earpiece 

The EP 10 earpiece is the earpiece that is normally bundled in the box of new Meizu phones, but sometimes you can be lucky enough to see some phone dealers selling it separately and at very cheap rate. Unlike the Ofia that is mainly known for its high quality sound, the EP 10 earpiece combines good sound quality and durability. If you can lay your hands on the EP 10 earpiece, then you should not hesitate to get one for yourself.  You can get it for price range of $2 to $3 (N600 to N1000)

3.  NEC earpiece 

The NEC earpiece is one of the hidden earpieces that many of you are yet to come to terms with. This earpiece is a very strong and durable earpiece that you would love to get and that will keep rocking your music world for long period of time. You can easily identify original NEC earpiece from the fake from the length of each pair; as with the original, one length is often longer but the fake ones normally come with equal length. You can get the NEC earpiece for about $2 (N600)

Note that there are other earpieces out there, but the 3 that we mentioned above stood out among many and they would surely rock your music world when you finally decide to go for them.
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