How To Unlock MTN 4G MiFi/Modem Huawei E5573s-320 To Use Other Network SIMs

Actually, we are truly in the era of 4G LTE network, where internet speed is the watchword, and soon 3G networks will be a thing of the past.

And the good thing about 4G network is that the major GSM operators in the country are beginning to embrace it and they have started rolling out 4G network services across the country; aside Airtel, which the wind of 4G network is yet to touch.

The other time, we discussed on frequency bands supported on the 2 most common 4G MiFi/modem model issued being issued by the GSM operators and we also advised on the best model to go for.

We also did mentioned that the 4G Mifi/modem model being issued by MTN is that of the Huawei E5573s-320 as against the Huawei E5377bs-508  model being issued by Glo and Huawei E5573s-606 by Spectranet.

And it happened that you have acquired the MTN 4G Mifi/modem, which we said it is the Huawei E5573s-320 model, and normally it is locked up to MTN SIMs, meaning that you cannot use any other SIM on it apart from MTN.

But you will prefer to unlock your newly acquired MTN 4G MiFi/modem, so you can use it with SIMs from other networks.

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If that is exactly what you are looking for, on how to unlock your MTN 4G Mifi/modem, then you should rejoice for landing here, as we are going to show you how to do it without paying a dime.

The good news here is that in the past, we have provided unlocking solution for Huawei E5573s-606 4G Mifi/modem and for the MTN 4G Mifi/modem Huawei E5573s-320 it is that exact method that you can use to unlock it, and therefore we shall not be going into any details here, so you just have to refer to the topic for full unlocking solution.

But we will like to chip in some few things here when you head over there for unlocking of your MTN 4G MiFi/modem.

You should take note of all the download requirements provided there; if by any means you are experiencing difficulty downloading the files with your system, then you should use your mobile phone to download them and then transfer to your system for installations and proper unlocking procedures.

Secondly, if by any means you are getting error 19 while trying to flash the firmware from there, then you should complete these steps here before heading back there to continue

•  Download firmware V21. here

•  Use the Universal Master code you downloaded there to generate flash code by inputting your Mifi IMEI and tapping on the calculate tab.

•  Disconnect any internet and close your browser

•  Unzip the firmware file and run the update file

•  It will start to update and request for password, so key in the flash code you generated above as the password

•  And wait for update to complete

•  Once the update is complete, you can now head back to the page you came from and continue with firmware update and the rest of the procedures outlined there to unlock your MiFi

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Like we said, the unlocking solution for Huawei E5573s-606 and E5573s-320 are exactly the same and all the firmware files needed are the same and we provided them there.

In other words, you can follow those exact procedures to unlock your MTN 4G MiFi and Specatrant 4G Mifi etc. so far they are any of the 2 Huawei Mifi/modem model mentioned above.

Finally, unlocking of your MTN 4G MiFi should be done with utmost care by following the exact procedure enumerated there and also bear in mind that since the whole process involves updating of firmware, if update goes wrong on the process, your Mifi device can be rendered inactive.

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  1. Thanks for this. Unfortunately, the "error code:19, Download failed" persists even for this 806 update. The browser launches on its own, shows the sim lock page and shortly after the error comes up.

    1. Then your Mifi requires a boot shot on the motherboard to unlock

    2. What does boot shot means and how do I go about that.

    3. Boot shotting is a technical way of carrying out a short circuit operation on the motherboard of the Mifi in order to aid its unlocking.

      It requires uncoupling of the Mifi

    4. please can u explain the steps for the boot shotting? need help

  2. I want how to unlock busy 4g mifi model ZTE MF910

    1. Email me on, will unlock it for you

  3. pls i have huawei E5573Cs-322 model from MTN. now i want to know if i can still use the same to unlock it.

  4. please how am i going to generate the flash code? any link?

  5. good evening..sorry the update file states e5573c-806 update hope it wont affect the modem in any way?

  6. i tried to unluck my Mtn 4G mifi E5573 by suing the above instructions but ater inserting the flash code, i had an Error 17, how do i go about that ?

  7. Pls for the process to short circuit the Mtn mifi and pictures if available please

  8. Please sir will the firmware work for e5577

  9. i forgot my mtn account details . whenever i wanna use my mifi, it directs me to an mtn website to input my details. what do i do?

  10. Can u plz help me with video for how to unlock my mtn mifi

  11. Do I need to connect my mifi to the computer or I can do it just on my phone

  12. Good day sir how can I unlock mtn router model:MF286

  13. Please my IMEI is E5577s-321 how may I go about it

  14. Please can you help me unlock my MTN mifi "ZTE"


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