Etisalat Could Eventually Turn Out The Most Sluggish Browsing Network In No Time, See Why

For the past couple of years, the Etisalat network has been certified by many in most locations as the fastest browsing networks in the midst of MTN, Airtel and Glo.

But lately and honestly speaking we don’t really know what is wrong with Etisalat browsing network these days in many locations.

I don’t think we are the only one involve here because lots of folks have also been complaining about the Etisalat network on how erratic the network has turned out to become in recent times when browsing with it.

Yes it is true that even up till this moment when browsing and downloading with Etisalat network, if it is blazing it is truly blazing but now of what use is a network that will blaze for 5min and will freeze for the next 3min?

The erratic nature of Etisalat network when it comes to steady and high speed browsing is becoming a bottleneck and the new dimension now that Etisalat is taking is that, it will blaze for 5min as we said, then it might stop completely in the next minute and most times it will require you to constantly refres your network by disconnecting and reconnecting before it will start blazing again, especially when using it with modem on desktop PC.

And the truth be told here is that, maybe the Etisalat network was even blazing faster than other networks then because of the lower subscribers base that it enjoys as compared with those other networks of MTN, Airtel and Glo that are having more subscribers on their network, which sometimes causes the network to get choked up and makes browsing slow.

Imagine if Etisalat has the number of subscribers that MTN is having, their network might have been the slowest when it comes to browsing and downloading.

Now apart from the Etisalat network misbehaving these days, another funny thing about them is that they have the most expensive internet data plans.

With high data plan rates and erratic browsing network connectivity currently rocking the Etisalat network; don’t you think that if they continue in this trend, Etisalat might eventually become the most sluggish network of all time in no distant time?

Currently, if we were to rate fastest browsing GSM network accordingly, we will go with this order;

·     MTN
·     Airtel
·     Etisalat
·     Glo

Do you concur or are you having a different opinion, let us know if we just spoke your mind, because Etisalat network is acting very funny these days.

Etisalat Could Eventually Turn Out The Most Sluggish Browsing Network In No Time, See Why Etisalat Could Eventually Turn Out The Most Sluggish Browsing Network In No Time, See Why Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 4:11:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. I beg to differ. down here etisalat is better. I am in Ondo State.
    in my location, it is mtn that blazes for 5mins and then freezes for 3mins. some times you have to switch off the data and switch it back on before you can reconnect.
    I am a fan and player of clash royale. I dare not play a match with my mtn line. I use etisalat for online games because it is stable

  2. Thats not true etisalat stands out nothing like veryslow bro its high all the time maybe u did sub for chatpack lols...

  3. Enter your comment...Etisalat is d fastest in browsing the only problem they will have is their rates,I don't see d reason i will buy Etisalat 1gb at N1000 while MTN offers 3.5gb at same rate for 1 month..Etisalat have to b careful or else more customers will b lost


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