Twitter Is 10 Today, But Will It See 20?

The popular micro-blogging platform Twitter is 10 years old today, and let all wish Twitter happy 10th anniversary.

Well known for the inventor of the hashtag, what started in 2006 as an idea has today grown into multi-billion dollar company, publicly listed in US Stock Exchange market and host millions of users with millions of daily tweets from across the globe.

Twitter was started in 2006 by an audio-publishing company Odeo based in San-Francisco and its first tweet was let out on March 21 of that same year by the co-founder now chief executive Jack Dorsey who twitted “ just setting up my Twttr”  

The company boast of more than 330million active users that send out average of 500million daily tweets; also with about 3900 employees scattered in all 35 offices around the world.

However Twitter is not devoid from many challenges currently facing the micro-blogging company and that have forced analysts suggesting that surviving another 10 years will be some sort of mammoth task ahead for Twitter.

Some of these challenges are not limited to decline in the number of users and new signups which have seen other social media platform like Instagram, Whatsapp, WeChat etc. overtaken Twitter in user base.

Also it seems that many users of Twitter today are having difficulties using the platform or simply do not know how to play around it.

Since it was listed in 2013 in New York stock exchange, the company’s shares have nose-dived from $44.9 to $16 as of today.

In a bid to brace up with the current challenges, Twitter is introducing new features and hopping that things will turn around quickly and positively.

Once again, happy 10 Twitter!
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