Official Statement On MTN Magic SIM

He that gets to the mountain first, determines where he wants to sit; the same way as it is said that early bird catches the worm.

Now, this might be a wakeup call to latecomers.

Yes we have been observing all the proceedings happening with the latest MTN magic SIM that we dropped the other time.

And yes, those that got on board earlier are still grooving their MTN Magic SIM up till this very moment that we are writing this, and they might even grove it for a very very long time.

Now the issue here is that newcomers/latecomers are no longer allowed to subscribe to MTN 2Hrs data plan that is used to cook up the Magic SIM.

And with that it means that new SIMs are no longer allowed to use the MTN 2hrs plan which also implies that those that are trying to get in now have really missed out from the Magic SIM grove that is still blazing like thunder.

Now, let me use this opportunity to explain this little thing for you to understand better in case of next time, because that is how many of you also missed out on activating your Etisalat line for the N15 for 3hours data plan that has been on for more than a year now.

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The essence of social media buttons and subscription boxes that you see scattered all around a website/blog is for you to use any of them to subscribe for latest updates from that blog.

In case you forget to visit the blog, your subscriptions to the blog will ensure that the latest updates still gets directly to you as reminder into your inbox or social media platforms, so you will not miss out on important activities been share on the blog; just like this latest MTN Magic SIM.

Now for those that have been hearing about alternative means of activating Magic SIM via N100 method, you should not just waste your time or money trying it as it is not working.
For it is only the early birds that came in when we posted the MTN Magic SIM are currently still enjoying it.

We are letting you to know that MTN magic SIM is still blazing for those who got in on time but for now, there is no other working means to convert your SIM into magic SIM.

Finally, for those that got in on time, you should keep enjoying your magic SIM and don’t forget to tether with others (for there is love in sharing), and for those that didn’t make it, you should stay tuned and be alert!
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