How To Fix The 3 Common Errors Of Newly Upgraded Windows 10 System

If you have been following us here, you will recall that we discussed on the 3 common system errors you may encounter when you newly upgrade to Windows10, and today just as we promised there, we are going to be dropping simple fixes to those errors.

Some of you that upgraded to Windows 10 might also encounter such errors on your system, but there is absolutely nothing to panic about as they all got simple fixes that you can handle immediately without having to consult any expert.

So we are not going to be wasting any time here and we will be going straight to the solutions to the 3 common system errors that you might also encounter when you first upgrade your lower version Windows system to Windows 10.

·     Loss of display brightness control – we mentioned about the probability of losing your display brightness control; if that occurs to you immediately after upgrading your machine to Windows 10, to fix this problem, just go to Windows device manager and update your display adapters.

**To quickly access the device manager window, right click on your system start menu and select device manager

·     Disabled Bluetooth – if your Bluetooth is disabled and no longer functions after upgrading to Windows 10, still visit the device manage and update the Bluetooth driver and your problem should be fixed.

·     Selective USB ports – if this happens to you after upgrading to Windows 10, i.e. if your USB ports become selective on USB devices it accepts, in similar vein as scenario 1 and 2 above, visit device manager centre and update Universal Serial Bus (USB) controllers.

Note that before updating any of the above mentioned drivers, you must be connected to the internet.

Again, sometimes, depending on the type of network connectivity you are using to update, it might refuse update; in this case, just change your network and use other network providers or WiFi network.
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