How To Root Android 5 Lollipop And Android 6 Marshmallow Devices In Easy Way

We want to presume that you are not a complete android newbie and at least you know what is rooting and the advantages it offers, so we won’t be going into details of what android rooting is all about.

As higher versions of the Android OS are being released into the market, so do they present greater level of difficulty in rooting the devices that run on them.

But thanks to the developers of the available android rooting software that from time to time look at those newer challenges and release updates to their rooting apps to make them more robust and also put them in the position of rooting stubborn devices that run on these newer OS.

If you are old to rooting android devices, you will agree with me that KingRoot app has proved itself to be one of the best when it comes to rooting wide varieties and different brands of android devices.

Again, Kingroot root is still coming in handy here to handle most of your Android 5 Lollipop and even Marshmallow rooting.

How do you then root your android Lollipop and Marshmallow with KingRoot?

·     Make sure you have strong internet connection throughout this easy rooting process

·     Download the latest version KingRoot here; it is the version 4.8.0

·     Install it to the android device that you want to root

·     And since it is your first time of installing it, after installation, you will get the first screen as can be seen below

·     Swipe up twice to take you to the 2nd  and 3rd image as can be seen below;

·     While on the 3rd image, which is boldly written “Purify System”, below it you will see the Try it tab

·     Tap on the Try it tab to take you to the next phase where it will start the process of detecting your device as well as root status.

·     Once your device and root status are detected and displayed in a circle, you will see the Try Root tab below.

·     Finally Tab on the Try Root tab to commence rooting of your device.

·     After rooting you will see something like a Chinese inscription written, which signifies that your device has been rooted.

Hurray, you have just succeeded in rooting your Android 5 Lollipop!
How To Root Android 5 Lollipop And Android 6 Marshmallow Devices In Easy Way How To Root Android 5 Lollipop And Android 6 Marshmallow Devices In Easy Way Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 7:37:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. Mine I used the One Click Root to root my phone it also supports latest versions of android. You can download the tool here


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