How To Repeatedly Get Free MTN 150MB Music Plus Data And Use It To Browse On PC And Android

Now, this is the bomb browsing tweak that I know many of you will like. With this some of you will not even want to buy MTN data bundle again because it is the latest tweak that is currently blazing like thunder.

Do you know that you can get MTN Music Plus 150MB data repeatedly and configure it to browse with your android or PC using either Simple Server or Psiphon tweak?

When we say repeated MTN 150MB data, we mean that after getting and exhausting the first 150MB, you can repeat the simple process that we are going to show you to get another 150MB, and you can be getting it on and on even with the same SIM until you get tired of browsing.

Today, we want to make you browse freely and continuously with your MTN line until you get tired of surfing the internet.

Without further ado, follow the simple steps below and enjoy MTN free and repeated 150MB browsing on your PC and or android;

·     With your MTN line, send the letter D in an SMS to 5900 and wait for reply, you will be given free 150MB music plus data; you can confirm that by dialling *559*2#

How to make it browse on your PC and android

For PC users follow steps below;

·     You need Simple Server for PC, download already configured one here

·     It is a zip folder, extract the content of the folder to any suitable location

·     Launch the executable simple server file  and then minimize it

·     Set up your browser proxy configuration as usual to use as Proxy address and 8080 for port and don’t forget to thick the checkbox for bypass proxy server for local address

·     Insert the MTN SIM with the 150MB data inside your modem, connect and start surfing

For android users that want to use Simple Server follow steps below;

·     You will need Simple Server APK, go here to download it and also see the configurations for the simple server.

·      While you are there and setting up your Simple Server, replace the two places you see with

·     After the setup, start up the simple server and start browsing.

For Android users that will prefer to use Psiphon as simple server alternative, follow steps below

·     You need Psiphon handler APK, go here to download and also see set up there

·     While there at the setup, keep every settings the way they are and only change the place you see to

·     After that, connect your Psiphon and start browsing.

Finally and remember we said repeated 150MB; so whenever you exhaust the 150 MB and need another 150MB, opt out by sending Cancel7d in an SMS to 5900, wait for SMS confirmation after which you can opt in again by sending D to 5900
How To Repeatedly Get Free MTN 150MB Music Plus Data And Use It To Browse On PC And Android How To Repeatedly Get Free MTN 150MB Music Plus Data And Use It To Browse On PC And Android Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 6:00:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. Thanks a million man...
    Na you try pass.

  2. Thanks man, it worked with Psiphone but I cannot download. Will it download or even work with the new version of the Simple Server? cos I don't have the old version which requires Autoproxy.


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