Confirm First Before You Subscribe For The Etisalat 1GB For 1k Data Plan!

Now imagine that you want to get connected online, and you hear that Etisalat now has the 1GB for 1k new data subscription plan, and you rushed outside to get yourself Etisalat 1k recharge card and after loading and dialling the subscription code, you are told that your SIM is not eligible for the plan.

What will you do in such scenario?

I believe no matter what, at that point, you will not be very happy with yourself or maybe you will feel like channelling your unhappy state or blaming the person that passed the info to you that Etisalat now has 1GB for 1k data subscription plan.

I decided to bring up this matter here because apart from the disappointment that will befall you if happen to find yourself in such scenario, last time I heard some folks concluding that Etistisalt 1GB for 1k plan is now available to all SIMs, but I still want to state it clearly hear that it is not true.

And yes there is new Etisalat 1GB for 1k plan, but it is a promo offer and still not open to every SIMs contrary to speculations, and therefore only some selected or eligible SIMs are allowed to subscribe for the offer even at present.

Now it is better for you to confirm first your SIM eligibility status for the Etisalat 1GB for 1k plan before recharging and subscribing.

To confirm if your SIM is eligible, simply dial the subscription code *229*2*7# without any credit balance on your SIM.

After that, the reply you will receive will let you know on whether to go ahead to recharge and subscribe.

For example, if you receive any message that tells you that you are not eligible for the offer, then you should know immediately that it will not work for your SIM, but if you receive a message that tells you that you have insufficient balance, it is a simple confirmation that your SIM is eligible for the offer.

But if you need another cheap etisalat data subscription plan that is not SIM selective you should consider doing the Etisalat 2GB for 2k plan.

The subscription code for 2GB plan is *229*2*8#
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