Are Huawei Phones MTK?

This question has been hanging unanswered for a lot of folks out there who are desiring to obtain Huawei devices but do not really know the type of chipset Huawei devices offer.

Without much ado to the question we are going straight to providing the best answer to the above question.

I want to approach the question in this way by saying that most Huawei devices are not MTK especially their newer high end devices, but that does not rule out the fact that Huawei has also produced MTK devices in the past and also Qualcomm devices.

But of late, Huawei devices are mostly coming with the Huawei owned chipset that is known as the HilSilicone Kirin and in order words we can now conclude that Huawei devices are not MTK.

Other smart phone companies that are known to own their own chipset are Samsung as can be seen in Exynos and Apple as seen in A chipsets.

But for Samsung, their devices still come mostly with Qualcomm and only few of their devices feature their own Exynos chipset.

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