5 Best Android Apps for Streaming Live Football Matches

Today we are going to be driving you into the android world apps for streaming your favourite and live football matches for free and at the comfort of your home, office and your piece of android device.

Is it the finals of 2015 UEFA Champions league going to take place at the OlymiaStadium in Berlin on the 6th of June or the next FIFA world cup in Russia that you are planning to stream with your android?

Or do you prefer streaming current football league games across the globe that features your favourite teams digging it out with their hard-core rivals?

We can boldly say that we got you all covered on that as we are going to be presenting to you 5 android apps you can bank upon to satisfy your football viewing pleasure.

As our trading here, we are going to be listing out nothing less and the 5 best android apps available out there for live football streaming across the world.

Remember that all you need on your android is a good 3G or 4G internet connectivity network for you to enjoy this thrill.

Without further ado, there we go with the 5 best android football streaming app from the top 1, hierarchically to the 5th;

1.    Sport TV – Number one in our list is Sport TV as you have it; this from our perspective is the finest of all. A supper sport android app developed to bringing you the best of live football sport, and mostly English commentary. Talk of UEFA Champions league games, English Premier League and others, Sport TV is definitely the right android app to quench you football viewing taste.

2.    Sybla TV – The next in command is the Sybla TV android app; with Sybla TV, world football matches and crystal clear streaming are in your palm. If by any means your Sybla app is failing to connect or reporting something like “can’t play link”, as means of troubleshooting, simply clear app data and update the app or better still download MX Player apk to enhance streams with Sybla. The downside of Sybla is mostly no English commentary.

3.    World Sport Stream (WSS) – Number 3 in the row as you can see is WSS; this is yet another beautiful android app that can make you happy while streaming your favourite football matches. For you to enjoy WSS, you need to download third party player like XmTV Player or/and MX player for smooth streams.

4.    Upstream – Similar to WSS, Upstream is a good apk app for streaming live football games. Also available in Google Play Store for fast download and installation.

5.    Football live Stream – FLS occupies the 5th position and also a very good app for streaming live football matches with option to reduce stream quality as to enhance faster stream without buffering and also safe data on the process.

Those are currently the best android app for streaming your favourite and live football matches and you can check them out by downloading in Google Play Store.

If you need any of them, head to PlayStore and key in any of the name as giving above in the search box to download and install.

If you need more, you can also try out Glaxy TV as a bonus football streaming app from me to you and I am saying – happy viewing!
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  1. These NFL soccer goes are usually nfl live stream soldout times forward of when the actual coordinate is to occur.

  2. Thanks for your help!!! But........
    Can I please get the link to download the sybla TV my friends are telling me of it but I can't download if on Google app store it not showing when I search of it THANKS

  3. I can't download the sybla TV on Google app store can I please get the link to download it please


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