MTN BIS Currently Blazing unlimitedly on PC with Simple Server

Yes you heard me right; MTN BBLITE is currently blazing like wildfire on PC and android.

If you are a latecomer, we discussed on how to set up that of Android the other day with Autoproxy, but today we will be focusing on that of PC.

And here is how to make it browse and download almost unlimitedly;

MTN BBLITE data are all capped at 5GB, and in addition to that MTN will give you an inclusive data 10MB and 70MB for the daily and weekly subscription, which must be exhausted first before the 5GB will be activated with the below tweak.

The monthly BBLITE is also capped at 5GB with 250MB inclusive data, but it is not advisable to do the monthly plan and you should rather stick with the daily or weekly BBLITE plan.

Now for the benefit those that don’t have the Simple Server for PC and don’t know how to setup their Mozilla Firefox to work with the MTN BIS, download Simple Server below and follow the setup instructions;

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= => Download the already configured Simple Server for PC here, it is a zip folder, so extract the simple server folder inside it first to a suitable location on your PC

= => then open the first Simple Server application file in the folder (it is a black background window) and minimize it

= => Set up your Mozilla Fire Fox by selecting and configuring the manual proxy settings as follows;

Input in the HTTP proxy field and 8080 for the port. Note you can easily get to your Manual Proxy Settings on Mozilla by going through the Option menu>>Advance>>Network>>Settings and then you will see the Manual proxy configuration to input those HTTP proxy and Port above.

= => Now recharge your MTN line and subscribe to any of the MTN BBLITE daily or weekly plan, then connect with your modem on your PC and fire up your browsing with the Simple Server open and minimized.

You should note that you can always test this out with N70 MTN BBLITE daily to confirm it’s blazing before going for the weekly plan.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box to express yourself.

MTN BIS Currently Blazing unlimitedly on PC with Simple Server MTN BIS Currently Blazing unlimitedly on PC with Simple Server Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 2:06:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. I hv done everything mentioned here but it is not browsing. Configured moxila with wit 8080 as port and also clicked on "use this proxy server for all protocols" ..loaded my phone wit 1000 and sent bbc to 21600 nd was activated ny mtn. Inserted d sim into my modem but it did not wrk..Keeps saying "no connection could be made bcos the target machine actively refused it" ..I don't know what that means. I have used the mtn night with the simple server to browse daily until it stopped working.. What should be the problem? ..Edward I hv called you several times over this issue and till now it is still the same..


    1. This is not BBC pln.
      load N100 an d dial *216*3*1# it will worl.

  2. It's only bblited and bblitew that's working. Send to 21600


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