OMG! Airtel Blackberry Complete Data Plan is Now 3GB for the month

And yes you just read it well, the former Airtel Blackbery Complete plan that gives you 1GB data for the month at N1400 is now 3GB for the same price.

And you know that as regards to all other Airtel internet data plans, like the Airtel Android data plan, Airtel BIS unlimited plans and the normal Airtel data plan, they all work on any device that you can think of without any special tweaking.

But this new Airtel BBC plan is a little bit different from the rest as it works only on specific Blackberry and you cannot just use it directly on those other devices like your android, without some tweaking like changing of your android IMEI to that of Blackberry and not even to any Blackberry IMEI but IMEI of those specified Blackberry that it was programmed to work.

I said yes, you have to do some tweaking of IMEI to those specified Blackberry before you can use this plan on your android.

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Now, what are you waiting for?

You have been enjoying the Airtel BIS so-called unlimited plan at N1500 for 2GB right from Adam, and here is even a better choice, so tell me now, won’t you rush this offer?

To subscribe for this new Airtel Blackberry Complete plan, simply grab any of your device with Airtel SIM inside and load N1400 airtime in it and then dial the code *431# and you will immediately be up and running.

To check for your BBC bundle balance, simply dial the code *123*175# and it will be shown to you.

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OMG! Airtel Blackberry Complete Data Plan is Now 3GB for the month OMG! Airtel Blackberry Complete Data Plan is Now 3GB for the month Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 1:40:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. someone should please confirm this.

  2. @Anonymous that spent his N2500, I believe you dint read the post very well, as I clearly stated that this particular one does not work on other devices except on Blackberry, but you still went ahead to use it on your Android. Please read well next time before delving into any subscription.

    But I am sorry for the waste.

    Do have a great day ahead

  3. Pls for clarifications, do you mean this will not work on android even if u change the imei to that of blackberry?
    Tried it recently following the steps of changing ur imei to that of bb, it was successful ! I got about 3072 mb of airtel
    BlackBerry data bundle. But, the snag is that, it doesn't work, I changed the apn to, yet it was difficult for me to
    Use it to browse. Did I not do something right? Pls Edwin kindly help me out. Thanks.

    1. Actually the plan itself does not even work on all blackberry and so when you even have to tweak your android IMEI for it to work, you need an IMEI of the Blackberry class that work.

      I just have to update this post to clarify you guys on it.

      MTN BIS is currently working perfectly on android and PC, both the N100 daily and N1000 monthly plan, you can check the homepage to see the setup.

  4. Is there any illegality in using this packages?I mean Is there any law criminalizing it? - rooting and using be data packages on androids

    1. This particular plan will not work on your android. But you can subscribe to the new one that works on your android legally and without tweaking of any form. It cost N1500 for 3gb, the code to subscribe is *141*16#

  5. Please can you give me a bb imei that works with the bb complete. I really need it. Send it to



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