How to become MTN SME data reseller

MTN SME data share plan is one of the MTN business plans that allow prepaid MTN subscribers to be able to buy data bundle and share it with others.

With the MTN SME data plans, a new business opportunity door is opened; especially for those that are highly business inclined and can tap into such opportunity for personal gains. As you can now see over the internet, different MTN SME data resellers offering what they term as MTN cheap data plans to the ever increasing data hungry masses.

How to become MTN SME data reseller
The good news here is that, you too can easily become MTN SME data reseller almost immediately and start tapping into this new and growing business model.

Since it is our main topic of the day to show you how you can become MTN data reseller, we will be delving into it immediately without wasting your time. To become an MTN SME data reseller, follow the simple steps below;

= => First thing first, you need to migrate to the MTN SME Plus tariff plan by dialing the code *460# or by sending 460 in an SMS to 131 with your MTN line.

= => Secondly, you need to recharge your migrated MTN line with the amount of SME data you want to buy. There are four different SME data bundle plans which you can buy, and they are the 10GB plan for N10,000, 20GB for N18,000, 50GB for N40,500 and 75GB for  N52,500.

= => After you have recharged your line with the exact amount of data bundle plan you plan going for as given above, then you have to subscribed into any of the plans as given below;
          => For 10GB, send 465 to 131 in an SMS
          => For 20GB, send 466 to 131 in an SMS
          => For 50GB, send 467 to 131 in an SMS
          => For 70GB, send 468 to 131 in an SMS

= => When you have finally subscribed into any of the given data plans above, you can start sharing data to any MTN line based on the standard data share sizes that is given as any of  250MB, 500MB, 750MB and 1GB.

To transfer or share data to your client beneficiary MTN number, simply send an SMS to 131 in the given format below;


 For example if you want to share/send 500MB to your client number, you have it as; 

SMESHARE  08036387869 500 1234

Note that you can use your already existing MTN PIN to share data. To check your remaining balance at any time, simply send the keyword DATABALANCE in an SMS to 131. Then for those of your beneficiaries, if they want to check their data balance, you should tell them to dial the code *461*7#

Now based on those standard data sizes that you share to your clients/beneficiaries, you have to determine the prices yourself in which you want to offer the shared data and also the means in which you would love to receive payment.

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The idea of the whole thing on the amount you specify to vend your data should be in such a way that after selling a complete data bundle pack, you should at least be able to make some profit from it. For example, if you bought the 10GB SME data plan that cost N10,000, a good and competitive business model with that is that you should target a profit of N1000.

Meaning that after sharing your 10GB bundle, you should be realizing about N11,000 altogether. The higher data bundle plan you go for, the better your profits will turn out to be after selling it.

Other very vital things to take note of this business model are;

= => Any of SME data bundles that you purchased as a reseller is valid for 30 days

= => you can always top up your SME bundles at any given time, regardless of any unfinished data, and whenever you do so, your validity period is extended by another 30 days.

= => your beneficiaries validity period always start counting from the very last time the reseller subscribed to a new data plan after sending.

= => If the reseller want to send data in excess of 1GB, he/she will have to share it twice, thrice and so on

Those are the complete requirement for becoming an MTN SME data reseller.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box below to express yourself or if you have any question regarding what you have just read, we will be glad to respond to them still at the comment box.
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  1. thanks for that info....

    1. You are welcome. Do have a great day


    2. Due to the recent restrictions MTN placed on sme 250, 500, 750mb datashare plans,
      the minimum data that can be purchased is now 1GB. Our price list:

      1gb......(N1,100-bank) (N1,300-MTN credit/airtime)

      2gb......(N2,200-bank) (N2,500-MTN credit).

      3GB 3,200 naira (3,500MTN credit/airtime)

      5GB 5,000 naira

      HOW TO PAY

      We accept; Bank deposit, Internet banking, Quickteller, ATM Transfer, Mobile Money
      We also accept recharge card as payment or airtime transfer: (see differences in prices above)

      # If paying to my bank account then click here for bank payment details

      After payment, send the following to any of my contacts; *Depositor?s name.*The bundle plan you paid for. *Amount paid. *And the phone number to be credited with the data bundle.

      # If paying with recharge card, then send the recharge card pin of equivalent amount, together with the number you want to be credited with data bundle. Send to


      You can also do airtime transfer to the same number, after transfer you text amount transferred and ur mtn number.

      Your order will be processed instantly once payment is confirmed.

      For more info, call; 070-33-62-1499 (WhatsApp)

      or contact customer helpdesk 07033621499. (whatsapp)

  2. pls what is the current price of 1gb data if am paying thru bank. Rev Afolabi

  3. My elder i understand your writeups
    You are great
    My question is if my clients pays via recharge card, how can I get my money?

    Thanks for Sharing

    1. Hi My Man,

      What is there is this, you know you offer lower amount for bank transfer and you will surely get one person that will be ready to transfer to your bank because of the cheaper price.

      Then even if it only one person that does the bank transfer and the rest send recharge card, you can just take your profit from the bank transfer and use the others that were send through recharge card to subscribe again for continuity of the business.

      So that is how you get your money(profit)

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Marx,

      You know that you are always welcome.

      Have a great day man

  5. As a beginner what happens to my remaining unsold stock of data which may occur due to limited number of customers.


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