Is Airtel BIS data plan of N1,500 for 2GB back, and how long does it now last?

It might surprise you that maybe after battling with massive losses and massive porting of ever craving internet users from Airtel network to other networks in search of more affordable and long lasting internet data bundle packages that can be used on any devices, Airtel decided to change their mind to revert from the new to the old.

Long before now, you all know that airtel BIS unlimited data plans, offer 2GB of BIS data bundles that can be used to surf the internet on any devices without any tweaking.

Is Airtel BIS data plan of N1,500 for 2GB back, and how long does it now last?
But by the beginning of the month of April 2014, airtel felt they were becoming over generous having forgotten that customer satisfaction is the first thing for every thriving business and they decided to do the unthinkable; not only that they slashed all airtel BIS data plans by almost half, they went ahead to be gulping data like a tasty horse and a tasty camel.

To the extent that 1 month plan of N1,500 which was reduced from 2GB to 1.5GB can no longer last for 1 week even under light and minor browsing.

A lot of folks were not happy with that move by airtel, since they have used airtel as their last bus stop for affordable internet data plans over the years. And as you all know by now that it seems that in this era, a man without internet access is almost like committing sin against the Almighty.

That single act by airtel got most of their loyal subscribers over the years so infuriated and that they had no other option than to port in quantum from airtel to other networks.

In fact the extent of damage was that so many people even now prefer to keep vigil with MTN night data plan than to use airtel BIS data plans on their devices…indeed it was a massive porting!

Some after porting decided to embrace Glo network, while others tried out Etisalat and some still decided to stick on keeping vigil with MTN night data plans instead of going back to airtel…..though if you no longer want to be keeping vigil with the MTN night plans and want to be using it all day without further restrictions, we have solution for all and sundry using it on both android and PC…You can check the simple steps out here for Android users and for PC users check here.

Maybe out of this massive porting away from the airtel network, it seems they began to feel the brunt and they now decided to revert the N1,500 monthly plan back to 2GB. But even at that there are still one question left in the mouth of many, and it is;

How long does the 2GB now last? Or in other words, do Airtel still zap BIS data bundle after the reversal?

The answer to the above question is Yes, it is true that airtel has reverted the airtel BIS data plan of N1,500 from 1.5GB back to 2GB, but airtel still zaps BIS data bundles like water poured into a basket. And hence we can deduce that the zapping of BIS data Status quo remains unchanged this very moment with only figure update by Airtel.

You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *440*16# or simply send the keyword BBUM in a text message to 440.

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Is Airtel BIS data plan of N1,500 for 2GB back, and how long does it now last? Is Airtel BIS data plan of N1,500 for 2GB back, and how long does it now last? Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 5:49:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. Thank you for always keeping us up to date with the latest tech information... But I'd really appreciate it if you could write on the latest glo cheap browsing for Android.

  2. Please Edwin, is the zapping of data also affecting the airtel social monthly plan or is it more preferable to its unlimited plan?

    1. It affected all the airtel BIS data plans including that of the social monthly plans

  3. It's really annoying sha! My N1500 data was sapped in just 5days! As for me,I won't go back to Airtel again! Empty Hen (MTN) is better!

  4. Must you have a bb to enjoy the glo bis on android devices?

  5. Must you have a bb to enjoy the glo bis on android devices?

    1. In some cases you don't need BB before you can enjoy it but, but in other cases, you must need at least the IMEI of a BB, and preferably the IMEI of a scrap BB that is condemned.

      Because the IMEI of the BB will be configured to your android. And your android device must be MTK device for it to work properly.

      You can refer to this post to know if your Android is MTK


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