3 Powerful and very handy Windows PC tools you often neglect or forget using

It happens in life that sometimes the solutions to our problems could just be at the tip of our fingers but we end up searching for them far places. These types of scenes can be seen virtually in all aspect of our existence when seeking for solutions to our problems.

A typical scenario or example is this; maybe you have ever kept something , say a pen on a small table at the corner of your bedroom, but you end up scattering the whole house in search for the pen and the pen is just there on the table you kept it staring at you. Sometimes it can even be annoying during the search process.
3 Powerful and very handy Windows PC tools you often neglect or forget using
Another funny scenario is this one; I have ever held a piece of money on my right hand, whereas I was seriously looking for where I kept the money, meanwhile the money is with me there in my right hand. I don’t know if you have encountered such too in the past.

Again yesterday for instance, I was typing on my PC then it came to a point that I wanted to input musical symbols or notations in what I was typing but I couldn't figure that out on my keyboard, I have to stand up at that time, went outside and headed to a neighbor’s home to inquire from a friend who is computer savvy having forgotten that Google is my friend.
These types of scenarios can go on and on in all ramifications as we leave our lives as humans.

For computer users, I am using this opportunity also to relate to you how these types of scenarios plays out on you sometimes. So I want to point out 3 powerful and very handy tools that you always forget to make use of or even don’t know they exist on your PC.

These are basic PC accessory tools simple to use yet powerful, resourceful and can save you both time and extra energy just by the clicks of your mouse button.

For applications like Microsoft office packages for instance, people don’t always forget it and they constantly put it to use whenever the need arises.

Then for the 3 handy but often forgotten or neglected tools right there in your PC, we have;

1.      Calculator – I know maybe at this point you were not expecting to hear calculator but maybe something else quite strange. But I am telling you today that calculator is one of the tools present in our PC that we sometimes forget to use it, believe me or not. I have witnessed many cases where friends and other individuals using their PC and wanting to carry out some multiplications and addition arithmetic,  but end up looking for where they kept their manual calculator whereas they are right there in front of their powered on PC.

They often tend to forget that calculator is under the accessory section of their Windows PC. Or funny enough for those that don’t have manual calculator, you see them brainstorming or doing long manual divisions calculations on a piece of paper right in front of their PC starring at them.

2.      Paint Program – As the name suggests, the paint program is one of the earliest graphical application program that comes virtually on all Windows PC versions. It is easy to use and with simple interface yet very powerful and can do wonders in terms of graphics if you are skillful with it. It is another basic and handy application that I know is often neglected by many computer users out there. You can use it to design your banners, logos and other graphics.

Still you find people struggling or searching afar for other graphical software like Corel Draw, Photoshop etc. just at the point they can even get away with their job done perfectly with their Paint program.

3.      Snipping Tool – For the snipping tool, many don’t even know it exits on most versions of their Window OS, though not all versions. Some that knows it exist, don’t even know what it is use for, and it is a very powerful tool that can save you from many worries.

Unlike the Prt scr button on your PC keyboard which is used to capture screenshot of the entire windows or desktop, the snapping tool in addition to that can also be used to capture just a selected portion on your screen.

Finally, I know quite well that it is not everybody that is guilty of what I have mentioned above, but let it not surprise you that whole lots of individuals are and you that are reading these right now might also be found wanting, but the good news is that even if you are guilty of it, you have nothing to be scared of because you have not committed any offence.

I hope you enjoyed this piece and if you do, kindly tell us at the comment section below whether it has happened to you before or I caught you hook, line and sinker.

3 Powerful and very handy Windows PC tools you often neglect or forget using 3 Powerful and very handy Windows PC tools you often neglect or forget using Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 10:58:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. Hi Edwin,
    Indeed, it would not be surprising that many Window users never know the existence of these tool. For me, there are still a lot of things I don't know about by PC. I recently started using the PRT SC button after many years of owning a computer. I have missed a lot all these years without it :D

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    Sunday - kingged.com contributor


    1. You are absolutely right in the case of the PRT SC button, many too are guilty of that. Thank you Sunday for coming over

  2. This is such an interesting topic.

    The sample stories you’ve given are funny, yet I can see the main point.

    People (ashamedly, but including me) sometimes neglect a few handy tools in their personal computers or laptops that can barely help them in small ways, just like the given tools in the article above.

    I actually know that there’s calculator and paint program in Windows, it’s only the snapping tool that is foreign to me. I use, whether the PrtSc button or the Awesome Screenshot software in my browser to take screen shots.

    I agree that these tools are often forgotten, but I didn’t think if they are powerful enough.

    As for me, you should use the word ‘useful’ instead of powerful. It’s much better if you’ve said it that way. :)


    By the way, I found this post shared on Kingged.com


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