Latest update on Etisalat blackberry subscription browsing on PC and other devices

For the past month, so many people have been grooving the internet on their PC and other devices with the Etisalat blackberry plans, and no doubt that the speed of the browsing was quite awesome. 

The most common plans that people went for and that was quite affordable was the Etisalat blackberry  complete plan which offers 3GB of data for N1,000 only and for a period of one month (subscription code: *499*3#), but then , before you can make it browse on PCs and other devices, you have to top up 10MB etisalat blackberry 10 daily subscription to it that cost N70 (Subscription code:*599*2*2#) and also in addition to that, you still have to change or put your APN to before you can use it surf the net with other devices.
Latest update on Etisalat blackberry subscription browsing on PC and other devices

A lot of people have been asking me if they can still opt for the plan now and use it to browse on their PCs and other devices. 

As you all know that whenever you stay with us here, you receive first hand information as far as technology is concerned. 

Without wasting any of your time I want to tell you that anybody now that is going to subscribe for any of the etisalat blackberry plans and with the hope of using it to browse on their PCs and other devices is doing it at his/her detriment, as the etisalat blackberry subscription plans no longer work on PC and other devices for any new subscription other than blackberry devices.

However, for those that has succeeded in subscribing to the etisalat blackberry plans before now and have been using it on their PCs and other devices as explained above can still go ahead to enjoy their browsing on their devices till their subscription plans runs out, for they are not affected with the recent block. 

But you have to know that when you finally exhaust your current plan, you won’t be able to subscribe again to it and use them on any other devices other than blackberry phones. In other words, the etisalat blackberry plans for browsing on PCs and other devices has been blocked for any new subscription.

If you must browse with blackberry plans on your PC and other devices, then you should be thinking of switching network to airtel BIS, as airtel BIS remains the only network that has not blocked their blackberry subscription browsing on PC. 

In fact airtel has never blocked theirs before unlike other networks, and if want  to see all latest and the affordable airtel BIS plans, their subscription codes, price tags and data caps, you can just follow the link and if by any means, after subscription to any of the airtel blackberry plans and it is not browsing on your PC or other devices, feel free to implement what you see here and after that you will be able to browse seamlessly and happily again.

Latest update on Etisalat blackberry subscription browsing on PC and other devices Latest update on Etisalat blackberry subscription browsing on PC and other devices Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 4:13:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. Nice blog

    1. Thank you Sturvy for the commendation

    2. Hello Pls is the etisalat bis working again on androids

  2. Hello bro, nice work you are doing with your blog here its really commendable please keep it up. I just wanted to ask a quick question. I use etisalat on my bb phone and was wondering if there is a way that I can use my etisalat powered bb internet as a hotspot for my ipad?

    Your response will be highly appreciated. Abdul.


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