How to get instant free $2 in your seoclerks account to be used for a juicy gig

If you have been working or carrying out online activities and you don’t know seoclerks, but I guess you should have heard of Fiverr

Seoclerks is just a kind of fiverr replica on its own. As with fiverr, it is an online environment or community which allow people to offer various tasks popularly known as gigs in exchange for stipulated amount. 

There, you can easily get some juicy offers just for few bucks.

Among the gigs offering site on the internet, fiverr has been seen as the most popular and with its known $5 gigs offer for most gigs on their pages. Seoclerks on the other hand has also grown in popularity with highly and quality discounted gigs being offered. 

Unlike fiverr where gigs are offered no less than $5, with seoclerk, you can even get a gig for $1. Other gigs offering sites in case you care to know are fourerr and 1kjobsonline.

All having been said and since there is a high tendency here that you might know the ins and outs of fiverr even more than myself, eh… but wait for a moment our topic is not on fiverr! I noticed we just used it here as an example because of its similarity and popularity of what we want to dig into; so it is now time to go back to business. 

What do you think is our business at here today? Our business is to show you how you too can get your own instant free $2 into your seoclerks account so you can use it to purchase any of your favourite gigs out there that cost $2 or below.

Since time is money, without further delay, let take you straight down to the ultimate business of the day. For you to get your own instant free $2 on your seoclerks account, you should first of all have a twitter account that obeys the following rules;

= => your twitter account should be the default twitter account that is to say an unprotected twitter account.

= => your twitter account should have at least 100 twitter followers; but wait first what if you don’t have up to that amount, I can even teach you how to get instant 100 twitter followers, but I think we should leave that for now for subsequent posts, so I assume here that you have up to 100 followers.

= => you twitter account image profile should have an image other than the default twitter profile image. Very simple right?

= => your twitter account should have at least 100 twits. I know you can even achieve this within a twinkle of an eye.

= => your twitter account should be at least 90 days old. Mine is about 2 years old now, I know yours will be chasing decade.

= => you have to follow seoclerks while participating. Following I know is what you even do anytime you logged into that your twitter account.

From my own opinion I think the above requirements are quite simple to meet up with and even fair enough for you instant free $2 that will be given to you on seoclerks, and  know that most of you out there meet up that requirement. Question ; if I have not meet the full requirement listed above, will I still be given the free $2 after implementing what next I am about to mention? 

Answer; yes you can still be given the $2 in some cases without meeting all those requirement, you can go ahead and give it a trial since everything here is free and some have said that they were given the $2 even without meeting up to the full requirements mentioned above.

Let fire down, and let assume that you met all that requirements. Question; what next should I do for seoclerk to credit my seoclerk account with $2? Don’t be too hasty; just take it calms we are heading there. The next steps that you should follow are;

= => Head straight to Seoclerks, if you don’t already have an account with them, locate the sign up button and sign up.

= => after you have confirmed your sign up, proceed to seoclerks free money or just look around the footer of their website and locate ‘’free money’’

= => after that, you will be given a twit to twit. Just twit it and confirm with them that you have twitted it.

= => if you carry out the above few steps very well, your seoclerk account will be credited immediately with $2.

So next, what can I do with my $2? Simple; you can obtain juicy gig with it.
Finally, what are those juicy gigs that I can obtain with it and how do I go about obtaining it with my 2$?

There are lots of juicy gigs out there on seoclerks and at very low prices, ranging from gigs like blog comment gigs, hundreds and thousands of Facebook likes gigs, thousands of twitter followers gigs, in fact just name them; the gigs lists are numerous. 

All you just need to do is to dig down and search for your favourite gigs that worth $2, and you can even easily see $1 gigs. When you have located your gig, you can now buy it with your free $2. 

On the process of buying, you will see a payment options among the other three that allows you to pay with your seoclerk account, simply choose that option and you will be done. 

Then the seller of the gig will now let you know what next to do or time required for your gig to be delivered. You can even go ahead to engage the seller on a chat or ask question about your gig.

Are you happy with this information? Then don’t forget to use the comment box below to express yourself.
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  1. All having been said and since there is a high tendency here that you might know the ins and outs of fiverr even more than myself, eh SEOClerks

  2. So make a beautiful and attractive gig image for your gig and earn more in fiverr. nomanahmed650


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