Airtel Blackberry internet unlimited (2GB & 4GB) service still blazing like wild fire on PC and other devices

You could recall that in the month of July this year, I wrote on How to use the Airtel BIS on your PC and other devices, and a lot of people followed it up and saw the reality in it and so they too started enjoying the Blackberry plan just as any other persons have been using and enjoying the plan on any device, be it your laptop computer, tablets, Android phones, Java phones, Symbian, blackberry itself or just mention the list of devices that you can think of.

Recently, I have been getting a lot of calls and people have been asking me whether the Airtel Blackberry unlimited plan is still working on PC and other devices as I have listed above, so it prompted me to put up this and still update them and others that are still waiting and wanting to know. 
Airtel still browsing

I have this for all of you; for those that are scared to subscribe to it because of one or two rumours that they are hearing out there about this plan, telling them that the plan has stopped working; I just simply want to say that it is false news and that the Airtel Blackberry unlimited plan is still rocking at this very moment that I am writing this post on any device one can think of and it seems Airtel have no even any plan to stop it now or in the nearest future.

I am currently using the plan and it is still blazing like wild fire for me, two of my friends recently subscribed to it, and they have no issues with it as they are also currently surfing the internet with it and enjoying the speed of the data. 

For me, I will even say in my location, it looks as if the internet speed has increased from what it used to be before. 

No wonder one of my friends that recently saw me surfing the internet with my PC was asking me if it was 4G network that I was using, because the way he saw my pages opening with speed at just the click of my mouse got him surprised.

I am authoritatively telling you to go ahead and subscribe to the package if you have not done so or if you have exhausted your previous data and want subscribe again and you are entertaining some kind of fear in your mind that it no longer work. 

The plans are still working and they are cheap and affordable as compared to other network that does not even connect to the internet directly.

Immediately after your subscription, if you are having problem trying to connect to the internet, I have written about it here on how to go about it so that it will connect.

 I have even mentioned in the past that some of the SIMs are allowed to acquire up to 4GB of data for 2 months at the cost of #1,500 and have showed you on how to determine whether your SIM is eligible or not for the package, and if you still want to check and know whether your SIM is eligible or not you can read it up on how to determine your SIM eligibility for the 4GB package.

We know that the cost of internet is still on the high side, but with the above package, we can access the internet at a much cheaper rate. Just don’t forget to follow the right steps here should you encounter any problem, the subscription codes can also be found there. 

Remember the Airtel Access Point Name (APN) remains and it is with this APN that you should use in your entire device to achieve your desired internet connection.

Happy surfing and don’t forget to use the comment box below if you have any further issues  if you are simply happy with the quality of information that you are getting here and just what to express your feelings.

Airtel Blackberry internet unlimited (2GB & 4GB) service still blazing like wild fire on PC and other devices Airtel Blackberry internet unlimited (2GB & 4GB) service still blazing like wild fire on PC and other devices Reviewed by Edwin Akwudolu on 8:07:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. I've tried it and its just a waste of 100naira and blackberry data. Thanks but no thanks.

  2. I don't really get what you meant by it is a waste of 100 naira and blackberry data. If you could throw more light to that for all of us to understand how it is a waste, we will appreciate it better.

  3. Its not working for me. I did the N1500 BIS thing and for the last 2days i have been unable to browse the net. It shows connected, upload is reading but download remains @ 0.00kb/s

    Any idea on what went wrong??

    1. as for yestaday airtel were upgrading their system and many were not able to connet and browse. Load additional N100 and implement what you will see in this link, then it will start browsing


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