Blackberry, a sinking ship

No doubt that the once dominant Canadian company is quickly losing ground in the phone industry today. 

So many ups and downs for the company recently have really shown that the phones glorious days are gradually getting behind it. 

Some of the recent instabilities and uncertainties that have been rocking the company includes 1 billion dollar loss in the last quarter of the company’s financial report, planned layoff of about 4,500 staff, a recent announcement of BBM coming to Android and IOS operating system and all of a sudden a change in mind and the suspension of that particular move, a drop in the company’s share values and most recent plan for selling the company to a private investor.

On the planned sale of the company to a private investor, it was earlier observed that Blackberry former co-CEO founder, Mike Lazaridis has earlier approached the company for the private takeover deal, but it seem the move did not materialize not until recent that a deal of about $4.7 billion is been said to have been reached for the take-over move by a private company known as Fairfax Financial Holdings, come next month November. But for now, it seems that the company is weighing up some options in order to see if they can take the final step to try to awaken the company before the final hand over.

With all these recent happenings I don’t think anybody will agree that all is well with the company. 

And I don’t also think that even the blackberry loyal users will be happy with their devices, most especially when other devices from other of their competing manufacturers is being placed high value above them.

Though for me, I have never been a blackberry fan, not because the device is not of high standard quality, but maybe simply because of the numerous complaints always witnessed from most of its users ranging from poor battery life to unending booting startup associated with the device.

Two three years ago it was fact that in my location, blackberry phone was so much in vogue and all over the place, as if anybody not having the blackberry phone, even with other phones is been considered of that the person is not having a powerful smartphone. 

But now it is obvious that blackberry is all of a sudden turning into a sinking ship and is crying out at the mention of some of its competitors like Android, i-phones and even the recent Microsoft takeover of Nokia.

This will not be the first nor will it be the last that will be witnessed of once a dominant company in the phone market losing its ground. Let us not forget that similar thing recently happened to Nokia and its Symbian platform where we see Microsoft acquiring most of the company's’ shares in order to try bringing back the phone from limbo.

Lastly, in this world of highly competitive market like that of the phone industry market, things like these are abound to happen especially when there are instabilities in demands of one's products due to one reason or the other, and the impact is usually felt by the company affected in the market as the rate of consumers demand for any products from any company have a great role in determining the stability of any companies financial account.

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