How To Get First Bank Portable POS Machine Deployed For Your Business

POS is the acronym for Point of Sales and portable POS machines are those electronic machines that you see in banks and recently in many business centres used mostly for digital collection of payment for goods and services with customers ATM card.

Though there are different types of POS machines, but we are going to be concentrating on the common and general type of POS machines.

We know that many of you especially business owners or intending business owners might have at some point in time needed to get the requirement for having a POS machines deployed to their businesses, especially now that cashless economic policies are in vogue.

It is important to note that different banks have their own slightly different requirements for delivering a POS machine to business owners, but in today’s post, we will be taking you through the simple steps required to getting a POS machines deployed to your business by First Bank.

Without further ado, below are the requirements or steps for getting a POS machine for your business from First Bank;

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•  You need to maintain any type of an account with First Bank, and in fact we even advise Savings account in most cases for smaller businesses ( simply because of excess Cost of Transaction)

•  Visit any First bank branch, but it is recommended if you can to visit the branch where your account is domiciled for faster processing.

•  Ask for their retail department and head over to collect and complete POS request form
•  Fill the form and sign the service level agreement then submit

•  And your POS will be ready for collection free of charge in a week’s time

Aside from the free deployment of the POS machine, support is also free but do note that cost of transaction while using the POS is applicable and these costs depend on your type of businesses you operate.

For example for general merchants COT is 0.75%, for Hotels COT is 1.2%, for wholesales COT is 0.2%

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